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Live Actions

Video of the Young´'s growing team actively engaged in sharing protective facemasks to a number of Balians both young and old during this COVID-19 pandermie. Click on the Video.

Education is Light

As the darkness of the COVID-19 pandermie struck the world, the youngFoundation stepped in in its own little corner to shine the Light. Talking to the local people on the dangers of the pandermie and equally enlightening them on the simple preventive measures in place, our team was also apt to encourage them that their security lies in their simple obedience in respecting those preventive instructions.

Working together & Encouraging each other

We work in team in delivering our humanitarian supports to humanity in needs. The call to this sacrificial service is an inward motivation initiated and driven by love for all humanity.

In this office of service to those needing help, we serve together with our hearts united in LOVE and HUMILITY  and our eyes focused on the HOPE to see transformation of lives where the hungry are fed, the sick have access to medication, the disabled are given possibilities for advancement, orphans and widows are cartered for etc.

Having vision is youthfulness and motivating and encouraging one another in establishing a conducive environment for team work is a blessing we enjoy in this our office of service to humanity.  Age disparities or any factors that may try to draw lines among people and keep them separated do not have a place in this vision. The VISION to see humanity fortified towards loving and helping each other should therefore be the current EXPECTATION of everyone living today on earth.

The endeavour to achieve this great goal is one of the reasons why we step out in actions to show others that it is possible. Let us do it together. Yes we can. The VISION in place is a reviving vision. This vision in action is HOPE for all. It is a joyful experience to be of help to humanity.  Let us do it together. Yes we can. We encourage not with words alone but with actions. We plan together to achieve this golden goal.

Two good heads in agreement are better than one. Join the force.