Who We Are?

Our Mission

This foundation is aimed at bringing together men and  women, boys and girls, young and old from all spheres of life unto this platform with the goal of putting efforts together to foster the course of the underprivileged

The call to helping the helpless is a universal Gospel to all.  To answer this divine call by stepping out there with a heart and hand of help to the needy and with the unshakeable determination to be a Light in this dark world is the noblest duty to undertake here on earth. We are therefore here to motivate ourselves as a team towards accomplishing this golden goal – Helping The Helpless.

The world around us is a picture of heaven and earth merged together. Some are favoured while some are disfavoured. Some are able while others are disabled. Some are walking in the light of education while a cross section of humanity still grope in the darkness of illitracy. Some live in mansions while others find it extremely hard to afford their monthly rent. Yes, some are orphans, some are widows, some have been raped, some are in war zones. Looking at such a picture, we hear the VOICE of  HELP echoeing everywhere and requesting for our attention and ACTIONS. We cannot be silent.

Extraordinary Experiences

We are all products of help. Come to think of it – the helping efforts of many along your path of destiny. Our extraordinary experiences stemmed from the fact that we also have experienced help from others around us in lesser or greater measures.

Think of the mother, the aunties, the uncles, the friends, the non-family members who had very little but sacrifice that to give you a helping hand to forge ahead in life.  With this core experiences, we are dedicated to join other like minded people working hard to help those in need. Let us keep the light shining. Together we can do it.

Our Core Beliefs

Our core belief is founded upon LOVE and the fact that nature is a gift to man which stands as a token of divine LOVE to humanity.  The air we breathe, the trees we see, the food we eat, the mountains we visit are samples of nature in serving humanity in LOVE. Why can´t we serve one another in LOVE …? As a matter of fact, we believe that:

  • Nature serves us daily in LOVE
  • Humanity is created with the ability to love
  • Love has its greatest expression in actions of services to all
  • Togetherness is strength. We can help the helpless more by working together.